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The primary website of the American Institute of Architects, an organization with a mission to drive positive change through the power of design. 


The public awareness campaign website of the AIA, focused on educating civic leaders and the pubic about collaboration with architects. 

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Communities and designers team up to revive storefronts across the US

Despite the shift toward big box stores and online retail giants leading into the 21st century, small businesses remain the cornerstone of many neighborhood blocks and main streets, serving communities of all sizes. To compete in the current retail market, small businesses require support from various groups, not just people who make purchases. Local governments have a key responsibility to drive economic prosperity and keep business within their jurisdictions, which they do through initiatives

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Social justice through design

People around the world are subject to a broad range of injustices. Inequities in a community can be the result of systematic racism, classism, sexism, and other biases that find their way into the policy, infrastructure, and services of a city. The built environment is unfortunately not immune to imposing injustices. Design choices can sometimes marginalize citizens, but architects are seeking to address this through a philosophy and movement called design justice.